Essential Knowledge


25th Amendment

Defining Moments

Appointment Power

Bully Pulpit

Formal powers

The History of Presidential Pardons
Executive orders

Questions Remain Despite Obama's Gitmo Order
Executive agreements

War Powers Act

White House Staff

White House Staff

Office of Management & Budget

Role of the vice-president

Role of the cabinet

Relations/interactions with Congress

Commander in Chief

Honeymoon period

National Security Council

Use of the veto

Presidential approval ratings.

Use of the media

Informal powers

Executive privilege

Appointment Power

“The imperial President”

Recess Appointment

Watch National Labor Relations Board Appointments Unconstitutional on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Writing the State of the Union Address

Use of the Bully Pulpit

Bush on Gas Prices (Magic Wand)

Executive Power Overreach

Does the president really matter? (Freakonomics)