How to add (embed) content to the wiki. (for contributors)
1. Click on the content area you wish to edit.
2. Click the Edit button at the top right.
3. Copy the embed code from the source you are choosing.
4. Click on the table cell where you want to place the new content.
5. Click on the Widget tool from the Editor menu at the top.
6. Click on Other HTML from the menu that pops up.
7. Past the embed code in the box that appears.
8. Click Save.
9. Click Save from the Editor menu at the top.
10. If there is not an Essential Knowledge term in the left column of the table, please provide one by clicking edit from the top right area, then type directly in the cell.

If you are not a contributor and wish to be, or have seen or heard segments you think would be a great addition to this site, please email Thanks.

How to access, edit and copy the embed code from the CSPAN video archive.